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to world war i. it was going to come through belgium along the channel coast, and down into paris. buddy had to completely rearrange that andy came up with the idea -- one of his generals -- to think through belgium but send the majority of his armored power through the ardennes forest further south and come further behind any french and british armies that went to belgium once the war started. and this worked perfectly, beginning may 10, 1940.s? and the british and the frenchv did what the germans expected. as soon as the germans when into belgium, the french and the british went out, the armored divisions came in behind, and forced really the cream of the french army and the british expeditionary force up to the port of dunkirk. that's what we know as the evacuation of dunkirk. speak before you go any further, when did the british come across the channel into france? >> i think they must have done this maybe even as early as 1938, but certainly after war in 1939 started. they put the british army next to the french in anticipation of the germans coming. of course, vineland through the
and seasonably cold out towards the east. here is the extended forecast. >>> one more story before we go. belgium is known as the home of luxury chocolate. a train made entirely of the sweet stuff is grabbing people's attention. >> wow! >> the edible creation is on display at one of brussels stations. it has 2 2 cars. measures 34 meters in length and weighs over one ton. the artist who created the train is not from belgium but malta. construction took six months and temperatures of 19 degrees celsius or less. it's set a record for the longest chocolate train. >> no, no. >> city officials say they haven't decided what to do with the train once the event ends. that wraps up this edition of "newsline." thanks very much for joining us.
their city, brussels in belgium, decided to do a little video of a flash mob using their very famous majorette crew. they're cheerleaders. another monday morning in brussels, traffic, bicycles. the light turns red at the stop light and here come the girls. ♪ ♪ >> they're going to engage the drivers at this stoplight. >> one way to get some people's attention. that's for sure. >> another way to irritate the heck out of people driving. where are they going? are they late for work? >> they're at a stop sign, anyway, it's not the girls that are making them wait. the first sign reads, flash your lights. then everybody flashes their lights. then they start honking theirhm. you see the girls dancing away. some drivers totally loving it. but you're reiight, nick, some people were annoyed. >> why don't they show some historical sites. >> i was a little underwhelmed by this video. >> the girls are underwhelming. we've got to send them the dolphins cheerleaders, i could watch them watch paint dry. >> why am i not surprised. >> what is it to promote again? >> the city. come look at how excit
to belgium. moboama and barack-on. bloomberg business week has put up covers as they think things will happen in four years. this is how they think obama will age over the next four years. they also did mitt romney as well. that is how they say he will age over the next four years. >> maybe 14 years, not four. a showdown between two states and the federal government's over marijuana. colorado and washington state allow recreational use of marijuana, despite federal laws making marijuana is illegal. >> this year's election special for a one hundred 6-year-old woman who voted in at her first presidential election. >> she has been a lot for 19 presidencies, all the way back to roosevelt. she had a chance to vote, but did not, until this time around. >> a family in at columbia maryland celebrated election day with a new member of their family. congratulations mom and baby are doing fine. >>
a wreath in honor of british and the commonwealth's troops who lost their lives. in belgium crowds gather for a military parade ending at the mennengate memorial with a wreath laying ceremony attended by war veterans. >> it represents a special day to me to remember those people that's lives written in stone. >> reporter: the french president marking armistice day with troops laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier beneath the famous paris land mark. active military personnel taking a moment to remember those who have come before them as these british troops in afghanistan hold a memorial service at their base in helmand province. in 1919 woodrow wilson dedicated november 11th armistice day. in 1954 president eisenhower changed the holiday to veterans day to honor all service members. >>> in honor of world war ii veterans came to washington for the weekend. we caught up with them at the world war ii memorial that honored veterans with a wreath laying today and one man shared with us how he found out the war was over. >> we came back to pearl harbor thinking i was going to join
results of the bank. in the meantime, the french and belgium government started the negotiation on this recapitalization. the foreign minister for belgium said on national television that the split was 50/50 for the previous operation, that hopefully it will be again the case this time. in paris, a source told reuters news wire that further recapitalization was being discussed with belgium, but declined to give more comment about what could be the details of the operation. they say they cannot comment on the operation until the member states have notified their plans to the european commission. already received 6 billion euros recapitalization, so we'll keep an eye on the sure price. we have to watch dexia in belgium where the share is publicly trading. so next announcement for dexia probably next wednesday after the board meeting. over to you. >> thank you very much for that, stefa stefane. >> i was looking above your head actually 220 -- >> can i stand on on the shelf? >> i don't know if i can. all kinds of malfunction if you do that. up 3.6% trading p. given the fact that num
everywhere critic rex from spain to portugal to greece, italy, belgium and france -- a general strike sweeps across europe. millions of protest spending cuts and tax hikes they say of deepened the region's economic crisis. we will get an update from spain, where one out of four workers is unemployed. then the scandal that brought down cia director david petraeus spreads to the top commander in afghanistan. >> the president has put on hold general allen's nomination pending the investigation of his conduct by the department of defense. >> we will be joined by writer glenn greenwald, now of "the guardian." he says the stars of the national security establishment are being devoured by out of control surveillance. then noam chomsky visits gaza. >> it is kind of amazing and inspiring to see people managing somehow to survive, essentially as caged animals, subjected to constant random, says district -- sadistic punishment only to humiliate them. all of that and more coming up. >> this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. president obama will open defici
disrupted air and rail travel in italy and belgium. across europe more than 100 people were arrested. >>> concerns about europe's debt crisis sent asian markets lower. hang seng lost 1% but the nikkei gained 2%. fewer homes are entering foreclosure and lenders aren't repossessing as many of them. a new report out this morning by realtytrac said banks began foreclosing on more than 970,000 homes january through october. that's down 8% from last year. reposessions have fallen about 19%. a government report says americans are spending less putting an end to three months of retail gains. retail sales fell .3% and automobile sales tumbled 1.5%. experts blame superstorm sandy. republican lawmakers blame a former new jersey governor for the collapse of brokerage form mf gobble. jon corzine became ceo after plosing re-election in 2009. the firm went bankrupt last year. m.f global lost more than a billion dollars of clients' money. house republicans say he allowed the firm to make risky trades. corzine disputes the claim. >>> it's the dollar menu for the 1%. a restaurant in beverly hills is s
workers in belgium have also walked off the job for 24 hours, affecting both domestic and international services. >> let's go live down to spain now. miles thompson joins us on the line from madrid. what is the latest? >> well, there have been a number of demonstrators, but at the moment, i am on the streets, and it is relatively quiet. as a whole, there were many shops that close, especially smaller businesses, but life can at least continue without disturbances if there are many people working at the moment. >> the rhetoric is getting quite stronger. as we heard, one leader there is calling austerity a suicidal policy. how widespread is that, do you think? >> what we have to be careful about is separating support for the trade unions and general anger among the population. certainly, what the trade leader -- what the trade union leader does ring true with a large number of people unemployed at the moment and an economy in deep recession, but at the same time, there are people who really actually are struggling with their day-to-day lives. this was causing a lot of disruption for peopl
the world record train. a chocolate artist in belgium has won the record for the world's largest chocolate structure. his 127 foot long chocolate train took more than 700 hours to make. it's actually pretty detailed there. >> amazing. >> exactly. it boasts both classic and modern car styles. the 2,700 pound model is currently on display in brussels. hopefully no one snaps off a piece. i probably would. >>> clowns in mexico traded balloons for muscles. it was all for a good cause. dozens of clowns came out for the 10th annual clown olympics. this, of course, for charity. competitors put on their freshly painted game faces to test for whacky dives, human bowling, even clown tug-of-war. the goal of the event was to raise enough money to buy and donate a half ton of groceries. >>> and finally, one french competition breaking is the name of the game. 19 break -- ow, look at that -- break dancing teams from across the globe came together for a battle of the best moves. dance crews had 6:00 to wow the crowd with flips, spins, any other tricks they had up their sleeves to earn points towards chore
this morning. after a marathon session of talks in belgium, international leaders cut a deal to free up funds for near bankrupt greece. >>> elsewhere, in brussels dairy farmers descended on the european parliament. that's milk there. they're spraying thousands of gallons of it in a protest at what they call excessive quotas and prices below the cost of production. >>> back here at home the fda has halted operations in the nation's largest organic peanut butter processor. regulators used a 2011 food safety law for the first time to crack down on salmonella poisoning claiming the company sunland has sickened 41 people. >>> well, you may have seen a message like this on your facebook news feed yesterday. lots of people were doing it, threatening that if you do not repost it, you will be giving up your rights to all of your content. all of this because the social network is now a publicly traded company. well, the chain letter style status has been debunked as a hoax. >>> and in other fake news, wireless hot spot provider icoa says the story published yesterday by the associated press and several
laying a wreath. in beg jump, crowds gather for a -- in belgium, crowds gather. >> it represents a special day to me to went those people with lives written in stone. >> reporter: the french president president marking armistice day. these british troops in afghanistan hold a memorial service at their base. in 1954, president eisenhower changed armistice day to veterans day to honor all service members. >>> we still have plenty ahead. your weather, traffic and all of your top stories. >> fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts now. >>> happy monday, november 12th, 2012. a live look outside at the jefferson memorial as we get things started this morning. we want to welcome you to the show. good morning. i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm sarah simmons. let's see how the day will look like for today. >> good morning. it will be mild out. the good news is temperatures are going to remain on the mild side but clouds will be moving in here as our next cold front approaches from the west. >> there is nothing like a great day like we had on the weekend in november. it was perfect. >> i couldn't belie
that happened just after 10:00 on belgium avenue. no word on the condition of the victim, a motive, or a suspect. hostess outlet shops have closed for good. they have not been able to come to a deal with thousands of union workers, so they are shutting down. 18,000 workers stand to lose their jobs. the employees we spoke to say they are not sure what their next move will be. >> i think it could have been done better than striking like that. it affects everybody. >> i have no idea. >> i have been here 11 years. it is not a good time. but it is what it is. >> tough times. hostess would continue delivery of all products until they are sold. some of the brands date back as far as 8088. >> a winter mix of news when it comes to the chilly conditions in the coming months. you will probably pay more for your heating bills, with one important caveat. our reporter is live in north baltimore with an explanation. >> the hyde bill prediction is predicated on the fact that forecasters correctly predict what this winter will mean for our homes this year. a bundle of. forecasters predict colder temperatures thi
and export anything: caclots,oos. at the moment, i'm dealing with italy, belgium and china. in the '80s, things flourished, but pretty soon after, around '86 or '87, the crisis came. narrator: e crisisn 19 washe collapse owo. the cycles of boom and bust are a constant threat in africa, south of the sahara, because of its dependence on fluctuating commodities. the economy ofôte d'ivoire was badly shaken. becaearnings from theence ostabilization fund evaporated. the boom period of the 1970s muniled to lots of optimismms. and lotsf borrowingon int. when prices declined in the 1980s, the country found itselfhead withery tt moneytoay back . narrator: in pces like yamoussoukro, jobsecame scarce. translator: i cachaleard (ctranslatedb): ( mdoou like this work? i'm happy enough since there are no other possibilities. anyway, if it goes on like this,esses where i'll have toeave.get a job. naator: among afcae dfrom the eerprising spirit of i tradespeople and its sinesswomen, but not whenimesread ( woman speaking french ) translator: i've got four employees, six apprentices and a secretary. for
donations. >>> belgium. creators unveil the world's largest chocolate train at this year's belgium chocolate week in brussels. it took more than 800 hours to make the 112-foot long train which guiness recognizes as the longest of its kinds. also a piano made entirely out of chocolate and that's a rap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> shep: i'm shepard smith. this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. secretary of state clinton says hamas must stop firing rockets at israel. this is video from hamas, some of those rocket attacks. fox news can't independently verify the video. secretary clinton is in the middle east tonight trying to prevent an all-out ground war in gaza. they met with netanyahu and said the united states is pushing for more than just a temporary cease fire. >> in the days ahead, the united states will work with our partners here in israel and across the region toward an outcome that bolsters security for the people of israel, improve conditions for the people of gaza, and move toward a comprehensive peace for all peop
to the singapore, that is also excellent, monaco, very good place, belgium not too bad but the europeans feel that america -- george soros said to me the great thing about being a rich guy in america versus europe is in america if you are rich people look up to you. in europe not necessarily. there is definitely that sense. what is interesting is similar attention their evident in europe too and similar reactions. we have been following france and the tax atop moving up to 70% and the reaction moving to belgium, not for tax purposes except protect purposes, in switzerland interestingly there is a huge national revolt against the superrich and don't pay a high tax rate. there are similar tensions in but terror is certainly a more extreme dynamic in the united states. >> which u.s. government policies in your view perpetuate the transfer of wealth between the middle class and the top 1%, and could you rank them in importance including for example -- >> that would take all night. >> please address and include the tax equity, inequities between herndon come, and capital gains, the federal reserve
the world in 80 seconds. belgium. dairy farms from several european union. they came on tractors and shot milk from hoses at parliament and cops. the farmers want the e.u. to set higher milk prices. it often sells below production costs due to lower demand and more competition. e.u. ministers meet tomorrow to discuss price setting policies. >>> panama. at least three people reportedly died after heavy rain triggered severe flooding west of panama city. the high water destroyed more than 800 homes and collapsed a major highway. panama president's promises aid to the area. >>> china. crews rescued a man buried in mud in the southern province. he reportedly fell into a hole he dug in his banana field. days of torrential rape made the mud so heavy, firefighters needed an excavator to free him. >>> sweden. thousands of fans with shovels and construction tools packed into a historic soccer stadium in stockholm. officials gave folks permission to take what they can they could from the soon to be demolished stadium which hosted the 1952 world cup finals. they walked away with seats and that's a w
. garard, an actor, says au voire. depardieu is reportedly shopping for houses in belgium. no andy mcdowell fans around the set. in a double drop for france, for the first time an american is top dog at the michelin which some call the bible of french astronomy. >> is that a drop for france? depends which side you look at. they may not want him to stick around. >> oh, their loss is our gain. >> that's right. >> belgium's game. >>> coming up next, a man, two tech calls and two very different outcomes. we're taking grasso to task after this break. >>> later on, it's not all bad news when it comes to the dreaded fiscal cliff. stick around to find out why washington's indecision might soon bring a big payday your way. customer erin swenson bought from us online today. so, i'm happy. sales go up... i'm happy. it went out today... i'm happy. what if she's not home? (together) she won't be happy. use ups! she can get a text alert, reroute... even reschedule her package. it's ups my choice. are you happy? i'm happy. i'm happy. i'm happy. i'm happy. i'm happy. happy. happy. happy. happy. (toge
scores. >>> belgium was carted off the -- on a stretcher. here he is playing the children's tour and he is in the hospital. you have to offer up something like maybe, maybe your baby to the golf gods. wow. >>> oregon ducks are the number one team in the football poll but kansas state is the top ranked school in this week's bcs standings. that's sports as we see it. 49ers settled for the first time in 26 years and raiders -- >> rough week for ra
debt crisis. european finance ministers meeting in belgium on monday gave greece until 2016 to implement debt reduction targets. the bailout package cost $305 billion, a $40 billion immediate aid package was delayed as finance ministers hash out how greece is to make it debt sustainable in the long-term. >>> that uncertainty shook asian markets this morning. tokyo's nikkei fell for the seventh straight session, its longest losing run in seven months, while the hang seng dropped more than 1%. trading on wall street was flat as investors grow concerned about the so called fiscal cliff. both the dow jones and the nasdaq were mostly unchanged, each losing a fraction of a point. >>> big changes at microsoft, the president of windows and windows live operations left the company after 23 years. his departure comes less than three weeks after microsoft launched windows 8. the company did not say why he was leaving. >>> and hostess is closing three bakeries following a strike of unionized bakers that began on friday. hostess products include wonder bread and twinkies. bakeries in sea
as well as closed down schools. protests are also planned in italy, greece, france and belgium. asian stocks got a lift after greece had a sale of short term treasury bills on tuesday. tokyo's nikkei broke a seven day losing streak while the hang seng gained 1%. investors jitters over the fiscal cliff in the u.s. and economic turmoil in europe sent wall street lower. the dow closed down at 58 points while the nasdaq fell 20 points. millions of shares of facebook could be looking for an investor to friend them on the stock market today. a lockup period on stock issued to the social networking company's first employees and investors ends today. now they can unload the stock that has lost nearly half of its value since facebook's ipo in may when shares opened at $38. and look for some extra traffic this thanksgiving if you're driving to spend the holidays with friends and family. aaa predicts slightly more americans will take to the nation's highways this year but those turkey day travellers say they won't be going as far so they can save on gas as household budgets remain tight. you're
. perfect example right here. this basketball in belgium, one player took a foul shot and missed. okay. was rebounded by a very confused defender who then tried putting the ball into his own basket, shot after shot, all alone under that hoop. and he still couldn't score. his dumbfounded teammates finally jumped in and pointed the young lad in the right direction. >> yeah. so, not only do you see shooting in the wrong rim. he can't even make a shot. >> not exactly michael jordan. >> with nobody defending him. >>> up next, "the pulse." and the nba players hamming it up big-time, for the refs. >>> and don't try to run a mile in her shoes. why this teenager ran across the country, literally, barefoot. wanna see me get some great deals? it's a new way to get cash back deals, and it's called bankamerideals! i sign into my online banking... click the "cash back deals tab"... and pick the deals i want. i just use my bank of america debit or credit card when i pay, and then i get up to 15% cash back -- put into my account. ♪ i know, right? [ male announcer ] introducing bankamerideals, free f
. eisenhower made a very memorable visit to belgium world, where she invited him to a picnic and cooked scones on a griddle for him. he was so impressed that he asked her for the recipe, which she wrote out in longhand. apologizing that the quantity was for 16 people and adding that the mixture needed a great deal of beating. she gave jack and jackie kennedy a dinner at buckingham palace, which was the first time the president had dined there when woodrow wilson was entertained by the queen's grandfather, king george five. yet, the 31-year-old first lady was surprisingly critical afterwards. he was not impressed by the flowers were the furnishings at buckingham palace. or by the queens evening gown and what she described as her flat hairstyle. jackie said that when she also complained about the pressure of being on tour, the queen gave her a glance of and advice that one gets classy with time. when the president was assassinated in 1963, she was prevented from her doctors from attending the memorial service at the intensity was the beetle. yet she insisted on having her own memorial service at
,005 to beat the current world's record. >> the current world record belongs to belgium. it was in 1992. and that measured 1,032 meters. today they're attempting a begin necessary world record and try 1,200 meters. >> here's the best part of the store. money from the sell of cake slices is being sent to support swiss breast cancer awareness foundation. so the cake doesn't even have to taste good. it's for a good cause. >> my opinion about the situation has changed that it was for a good cause. we were just saying these world- record-breaking things, it's publicity stunt. >>> great weather today. >> it was wonderful weather to give you. but now things are going to start to go on the downward trend over the next couple of days. let's enjoy what we've got out there right now. taking a look at the michael and son weather cam. it's still clear. it is still dry. and it is still comfortable. 54 degrees right now with a dew point in the mid-40s. that means we won't have to deal with any fog overnight tonight. winds out of the south/southwest as predicted getting a little bit stronger now, up to
.3%. the belgium yield doesn't want to be overlooked. its ten year has hit a fresh euro era low. remarkable. u.s. treasury secretary tim geithner will head to capitol hill today to meet with congressional leaders on the fiscal cliff. geithner is president obama's lead negotiator in the budget talks. he'll first meet with harry reid at 10:00 followed by john boehner, eric cantor and paul ryan. geithner will lunch with mitch mcconnell and then he'll meet with house minority leader nancy pelosi. president obama is signaling he's flexible on where tax rate shoes go if the wealthiest americans. return to clinton era tax rates would have house holds playing between 36% to nearly 40%. the president met with a group of ceos wednesday. they offered support for resolving the fiscal cliff crisis with a proposal that includes higher taxes for those who make more than a quarter million dollars a year. >> at this point both sides have acknowledged that there is going to be revenue concessions and there will be entitlement concessions. in fact if you listen to it, again, i'm not a master of the political art
'll become england, then belgium and then greece. >> bob: can i say one thing? typically, five -- you have given away five senate seats because of the tea party and time to learn the lesson. three last time and two this time. >> kimberly: the tea party picked up 60 house republican seats. >> eric: let's see what happens in 2014. i agree, there are a couple of four seats that could have been republican. that will be one more away from the senate majority on the right. be careful what you say couple of weeks before an election. it wasn't just presidential politics last night, other crazy stuff went down. in american politics. we have great stories. directly ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bob: okay. lightning round now. let's go. eric? >> eric: quick, a lot of other things were on balance last night. we need to talk about. in arizona, grand canyon going back to the state of arizona and staying with the feds. i went back and stayed with the feds. that failed. how about condoms in porn movies in los angeles county? they voted to require condoms for porn movie stars. here is one. this one has
to back up the claim. the candy is made in belgium. if you want to try it out. it's available on >>> leigh glaser will let us know how long the cooler temperatures will >> the exhale is officially in the air. let's get to leigh glaser. >> it certainly is. live doppler hd spinning right now. you see the conditions. go ahead and put the animation on this. you see the fair weather clouds continue to make its way across the bay area. you may see them from time to time. we are chilly, 58 antioch, 57 livermore, 54 san francisco, and 57 right now in san jose. folks, that frost advisory is still up beginning at 2:00 a.m. until 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. north bay interior valley areas, look for lows dropping into the upper 30s -- the upper tos to low 30s. remember to bring your plants in. if you have plants outside that are very sensitive to very cold weather, you might want to go ahead and just cover them as well tonight and don't forget about your pets. make sure you bring them in as well. here's a look at our lows tonight. you will see why. mainly the north bay interior valley a
charlie belgium went against doctor's recommendses to play. yesterday he suffered a panic attack on the course. elevated his blood pressure and heart rate. doctors told him not play but he is the leader and on the course, trying to keep his tour card. brian day. 5-under 67. tied at 11-under. belgianed a four birdies, three bogeys on the day. shot to within a few feet, and still leading by two at 13-under. a win and he keeps his tour card. what story. this sports report brought to you by river rock casino. the raiders in action tomorrow. see you then. >> ama: it's this -- that's it for us. captioned by closed captioning services inc. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplemen
charlie belgium went againstrecommendses toctors recommendses to play. yesterday he suffered a panic attack on the course. elevated his blood pressure and heart rate. doctors told him not play but he is the leader and on the course, trying to keep his tour card. brian day. 5-under 67. tied at 11-under. belgianed a four birdies, three bogeys on the day. shot to within a few feet, and still leading by two at 13-under. a win and he keeps his tour card. what story. this sports report brought to you by river rock casino. the raiders in action tomorrow. see you then. >> ama: it's this -- that's it for us. captioned by closed captioning services inc. announcer: the following is a paid presentation brought to you by my pillow, incorporated.
taken more than 25 billion in aid against america since the 9/11 terror attacks 11 years ago. belgium. protesters marching against the ford motor company, ford closing one of the major european assembly plants by the end of 2014 and many belgians will lose their jobs. ford and other u.s. car makers are feeling the effects of the european debt crisis with car sales plummeting. china, more than 100 pair of squids gathering in the southwestern city for the annual twins festival. and china has a strict one child policy in most areas, but exceptions are permitted in the case of multiple births. that's a fox trip around the world. fox news and the weather, the winter storm we've been watching on the west coast is breaking records and moving east. meteorologist maria molina is live in the fox weather center. >> good to see you. it's moving east and bringing a threat for severe weather as we head into the nighttime hours, texas, arkansas and northern portions of the state of louisiana, this system has some very cold air behind it so we're seeing areas of heavy rain, showers and thunderstorms,
. >> in belgium in the small town of ypres, hundreds gathered to honor military veterans. after the parade government and military officials along with prince philip held a ceremony to lay a wreath. it was the site of many bloody world war i battles. >>> it's time to get back to work. >>> a call to action for congress as they inch closer to that fiscal cliff. the biggest issues lawmakers need to address to avoid it. >>> it's seven years in the making, but now a new veterans memorial is being dedicated here in the east bay. we'll tell you how the people who planned and created it got it started. plus a piece of hollywood history now has a new owner and we'll tell you how much this iconic dress sold for today. >>> the new ktvu app is ready to download. you can watch our newscasts live and get bay area weather and video of breaking news anytime, anywhere. ♪ because we know how much you do to make the holidays just right. from ornaments to ottomans, memories are made with ikea. . >>> now to our continuing coverage of today's veteran's day events. more than a thousand people gathered at a cas
took place in greece, france, belgium, portugal and italy. >>> a top leader has been killed in an airstrike. part of a major offensive launch. the commander of military wing was killed when his car was hit by a missile. that commander was on israel's most wanted list. the israeli military says it ordered the airstrike in response of days of rocket fire into i rayleigh territory. >> bringing back to life after super storm sandy. all but two have reopened. harrington manner and swallow falls remain closed. a total of 11 state parks had to be closed in the aftermath of sandy. >>> and the virginia department of transportation wants drivers and local leaders to know they are ready for the winter. vdot officials showed off new equipment in preparation for the severe weather that is probably on the way. one of those new tools, a web application that allows citizens to see how well their neighborhood is being plowed. >> once there's more than two inches of snow on the ground, that web application will be open to the public and the public will be able to see whether we started plowin
of workers take to the streets. union protests in spain, portugal, parts of belgium closing factories all over the region as workers fight austerity demands. >>> text-messaging declining for first time ever in the u.s. text message volume and revenue fell in the third quarter. >>> wal-mart is launching a food subscription service called goodies t will send customers a box of five to eight hand-picked sample sized food items for a monthly fee 7 bucks. book man doesn't think it will work. >>> bmw is building two-man bobsled and u.s. bobsled skelton federation and planning to have it readied for the 2014 olympics and that today's speed read. [buzzer] of the right under the wire. liz: the international energy agency, did you see this prediction says that the u.s. will become the world's largest oil producer in just five years. this next oil and natural gas ceo says we have the technology to do it while keeping prices low. david: gary evans, chairman and ceo of magnum hunter resources. they're into oil and natural gas and we welcome him here. gary, good to see you. gary, you know how it goes.
he's fleeing to belgium. tomorrow, i will be live in washington, d.c. "closing bell" is next. >>> hi, everybody. we enter the final stretch. welcome to the "closing bell." i'm maria bartiromo at the new york stock exchange. >> minor gains once again. i'm bill griffeth. other stories we're following, the white house and big labor have been meeting on the fiscal cliff today. taxing the rich, certainly a big topic of discussion. then tomorrow business leaders will have their say. the president will have the latest on that coming up. >> two big and exclusive interviews coming up. cisco ceo coming with me on the show as soon as earnings come out. that will be at the top of the next hour. and nyse ceo with us giving us an update two weeks after sandy historically closed sandy for two days. >> still a miracle they got things open when they did. we're oall following the latest in the general petraeus scandal. unbelievable twists, even today. we have a roreport from washington. then, more on how this story is shedding light on how anything you write can be accessed. pretty scary stuff
rear renders. have adopted some type of restriction. on april 28, 2011, the belgium voted far similar ban although the law is expected to be challenged before the constitutional court. in spain, in 2010, the say -- in all public places reversing an earlier vote supporting the ban. similar laws in progress in italy as well. in switzerland, after at campaign designed to aappeal to fears of the muslim takeover. a popular referendum voted by 57% to ban the construction of -- [inaudible] associated with the mosques. despite the fact that very few mosques in switzerland have them. they are only four in the whole country out of 150 mosques. and that in consequence, the architect issue is clearly symbolic. in july of 2011 terror struck northern europe. there was approximately 76 people murdered. and buildings attacks. anders who confessed to the crimes but claims hey not at fall. policed on the day of the attack a 1500 page manifest tow he outlined a they arely based on the idea that europe must fight. he ties with a variety of antiislammic groups in europe and the u.s. go in to that in the b
season. maybe that's why this youngster did what he did. >> we are going to go to belgium where one guy is taking a foul shot. rebounded by the defender who then tries putting it into his own hoop. he can't even do that. >> oh, wow. >> no, four lay-up attempts. finally his teammates save him without a point being scored against them. no wonder we never see them, see them pass the ball to that dude again. oh. how embarrassing. everyone is on the other side of the court. >> one, two. >> the other dude is like -- come on, man! >> hey, hey, idiot, wrong -- wrong rim! >> sad on multiple levels, my friend. oh. uh, hate to see that. learned a valuable lesson. coming up next, a windy city party in your mouth. how's that for a tease? >> what did you just say? >> hey, stick around for that one. >> but first -- mitt romney, assigning blame for his loss. you are watching "world news now." ♪ say what you mean to say ♪ say what you mean to say ♪ say what you mean to say ♪ have no fear of giving in ♪ say what you mean to say ♪ have no fear of giving in ♪ say what you mean to say ♪ say
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